Why we love #BAMB and #SuperThursday

When you go inside a bookstore to buy a book on Super Thursday, in fact on any day, there is so much choice. This is the most fun type of adventure you will ever have however as buying a book is buying into an adventure. Who will you meet and where will you go?

Waterstones  for example has several signs to help you navigate the many literary roads to reading. This sign gets you in the door if you weren’t in there already….


That’s me struggling with the brolly waiting to get in the bus – then late sitting upstairs looking all cosy with a good book.

I turn left into the haven of book gifts, mugs, puzzles, calendars and all other book things you can imagine. I got stopped here though –


Bbrr I thought what would warm me up? Ooh there’s quite a few here. Well it will be getting very very cold soon so I should stock up shouldn’t I? Not that I need any excuse but it’s nice that Waterstones helps out like this

Oh but I still want to travel when I’m sitting by the fire. Literary travel is the only way to go and quite honestly when the weather is rotten, it’s the best –


These are the only kind of signs I like. the hottest genre in town you say? Well I do need warming up so best get the latest Stieg Larsson….

Then I bought this – I have read it and still own a rather battered copy but this was 3D! 3D glasses on the inside to see the cover in all its glory! Well, I just had to have this!



Off to read them all now…..

Screen shot 2015-10-08 at 11.29.46

Well that turned out to be a rather #Superthursday if ever there was one. And it’s not over yet? Now where’s the next bookshop……..