Best Booktrailing Book Covers of 2014


There have been some stunning and very artistic book covers this year and we’ve picked our four favourites to show what we love about these books – one for every season…

Ghostwritten – Cornwall and Java, Indonesia

ghostwritten book

Cover – Ghostly and atmospheric, we love the way the  ghostly face of the woman is blended over a scene of beauty…that is until you notice the war planes hovering over paradise…

Hope is a theme of this book which centered around a ghostwriter named Jenni who is tasked with writing the story of Klara, who as a child was interned in a camp on Java during the Japanese occupation.

As she tells of her story of survival, Jenni also has a story that she has buried for years and as she unravels the truth of Klara’s childhood, she must now start to shed light on her own.

Set in Java and Cornwall, this is  a very poignant read.

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Foxglove Summer – Herefordshire England


Cover – Well the clue is in the title – we love this cover for its artistic feel and in keeping with the other 4 novels in the series is like a piece of art. Based on the map of Herefordshire (and we love maps) we like this for the way it makes us want to take off the cover, frame it and put in on our wall.

Special copper Peter Grant steps out of his comfort zone of London – to a small village in Herefordshire where the local police are reluctant to admit that there might be a supernatural element to the disappearance of some local children.

The supernatural aspects of this series keeps it fresh and very exciting. Have loved it since the first book and it makes you see places in London (and Herefordshire here) in a whole new light!

The Atlas of Us  – Thailand, Finland, Exmoor England and Serbia…


Spread over so many locations and times, we’ve selected this for a book to read as it starts getting chilly and you wish to travel off to exotic Thailand…

Cover –  So much to love about this cover, that boat is just waiting for you to step inside and to float off into the calm oasis pictured here with candles in the water, a colourful sky and what seems to be paradise….

Louise Fenton’s mother has been missing since the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami in Thailand. Wanting to find out what happened to her she flies to the devastated country. The only clue she has in a beautifully homemade Atlas, found in her mother’s bag, which has letters, cards, snippets of the life of a woman named Clare inside it.

Can this Atlas lead Clare to find out the geography and the history behind her mum’s disappearance?

This is  a story of a search for the truth and the secrets contained within a home made crafted Atlas…

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The Silversmith’s Wife – London 


Prepare to shiver as you wrap your cloak around you, protect your lamp from the wind and hurry along the cobbled streets of London…..

Cover – Just how gorgeous and atmospheric is this cover? Everything from the moon shine, the outline of the trees, and the eerie glow of the lamp….who is this woman and where is she going?

This is the story of a night watchman who surveys the streets of London and who one night in Berkeley square finds the body of the local silversmith. Why was he killed and did he really have enemies who would want him dead? Set in the dark streets of 1792 London and in and around the cobblestones of Berkeley Square, this takes you back to the time and place and makes you look over your shoulder! Murder, secrets behind closed doors and the intricate world of the watchmakers…..

We hope you’ve enjoyed out four favourite book covers and would love to know yours!

Edinburgh Book Festival – Why Fiction is beautiful

Why fiction is beautiful – Canadian author Margaret Atwood


This is the first post of a few I will be doing featuring some of the authors of the Edinburgh book festival which starts this Saturday August 10th. I have decided to start with Margaret Atwood as she was the first Canadian author I read and I discovered many more Canadian books and authors thanks to her.

Her collection of books and stories is impressive. Some of these books below were bought in Canada as as well as the stories, I thought the book covers were quite something too. I mean just take a look at them:

eerie, unsettling, Daliesque and not unlike a dark fairytale
Eerie, unsettling, Dali-esque or the setting for a dark fairytale?

As the book blurb says: 'Imprisoned by walls of their own construction...' The book cover seems  to represent this via another Dali-esque design
As the book blurb says: ‘Imprisoned by walls of their own construction…’ The book cover seems to represent this via another Dali-esque design

Ten days after the water eded, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge
Ten days after the water eded, my sister Laura drove a car off a bridge

The cover represents the age and elegance of the time. Set in Canada, it is narrated from the present day, referring back to events that span the twentieth century.

As if it were a artistic sketch on the wall of a empty, grey gallery
As if it were a artistic sketch on the wall of a empty, grey gallery

photo-58And for one of my favourites if not only for the detail and the artwork involved. I would quite happily hang this book cover on my wall. In fact, I think I will. ‘All books are equal to art forms but some are more equal than others’ – very animal farm I know but something I believe to be true. All of the above could be artistic paintings hanging in a gallery. I’m just pleased they are currently gracing my shelves in my book, I mean ART display case.

Why fiction is beautiful


Why fiction is beautiful


1. Book covers are an art form in their own right:

A beautiful art form - my favourite book cover I think I've ever seen
A beautiful art form – my favourite book cover I think I’ve ever seen



2. Reading a book awakens all the senses – touch, smell of the pages, seeing the words on the page and hearing the voices of the characters

3. Reading forms and encourages the mind like nothing else ever could

4. It takes you to places that you may never have travelled to otherwise, and gives you an experience you may never have had – like jumping into a cool lake on a hot day:


 Jump right in to a good book
Jump right in to a good book



5. It’s an escape to another world, another time

6. Like the Mr Benn cartoon – where a man in a fancy dress shop enters a parallel world full of colourful characters and situations – a book takes us on this very journey as adults

7. A world without books is a world without hope

8. A world without fiction is a world where Alice never went to Wonderland, where Charlie didn’t visit the chocolate factory and where Harry Potter never discovered the magic of Hogwarts.

9. I live, eat, and breathe fiction. Without it I would die

10. Fiction is beautiful because it’s my friend. It sits with me when I’m sad, it comforts me at night and it lies on the grass beside me in the park when I’m enjoying the sun. And my fiction friends share my home with me. I would feel lost without them

Travel to another time and place
Travel to another time and place