We are the booktrailers who love to read on the move, from the comfort of our home and anywhere really!

Our map is growing – so many countries so far and counting!

Travel the world in books map  We write about books with a strong place or setting. Books can really take you places quite literarily as we’ve been to Canada, Asia, deep into the Amazon Rainforest, walked around the streets of dystopian London and travelled the world with Phileas Fog – all via books! It was Passepartout his sidekick who actually got me started learning French and travelling like the characters do in the book.

We love to travel for real as well and have seen Rome in a whole new light by following the trail in the Dan Brown book Angels and Demons. Margaret Atwood was our guide around the streets of Toronto and if you ever want to visit Brighton, Peter James guide via his books is the way to see it!

Susan from the booktrail….

Reading style? Much prefer ‘proper books’ ie the old fashioned paper kind as you can feel them, smell them, see the crumpled pages like wrinkles on an old friend. But ebooks are a traveller’s best friend it has to be said.

World lit? So many great reads are not (yet) translated so I read books and picked up languages at the same time. Then you can read even more! Reading one book in a different language is a unique experience and gives you an insight into culture, story and setting plus lots more

Favourite reading nook – in bed with just a lamp on, on the sofa feet in the air, on the train with the world passing by in a blur whilst I’m tucked up in another, literary world, in an airport, lying on a beach and the best one of all gained from childhood – hiding in a cupboard or up a tree where no one knows you are…..

Favourite fiction? We read across a whole range and love translated fiction and books with a strong sense of place. Books that open up your world and introduce you to cultures, language, social mores, habits and daily life thousands of miles away….

Obsessed by books? The best way to be in our opinion! Book-tastic


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    1. Hi Pippo
      that is very kind of you and i shall definitely be answering those questions. I am going to have a think about my answers though. Thank you so much for the nomination and the kind words. I really appreciate the gesture and the fact you like my blog! I will definitely be paying yours a visit too. Thank you

    1. I’m touched that you’ve taken the time to do this! A very nice surprise so thank you very much. Apologies for the day in replying – I have not been well but am back to things now and will do the Liebster right now!

    1. Hey thanks Katie!! What a lovely thing to do. Thank you very much and I’m so pleased to be doing this! I will certainly visit your blog now too. Thanks for saying you’re enjoying exploring my writing. Really means a lot.

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