My literary alphabet

So many books and so little time but I have thought this week about all the wonderful authors I have discovered since doing the book trail and those that remain favourites ever since I read their first novel. So this led me to come up with a literary alphabet of all those authors I hold dear. It was very hard to do infact as there are so many that I could have had several alphabets really. However, this is one of them and I would love to know what yours is! A few children’s authors in there too – those I read now as we, we all have a child inside of us! And quite right too!

My literary ABC
My literary ABC

A is for Atkinson

B is for Bronte

C is for Cleeves

D is for Dickens


E is for Eliot

F is for Flynn

G is for Gaiman

H is for Hannah


I is for Ibbotson

J is for James

K is for King

L is for Läckberg

M is for Morton

N is for Nesbø


O is for Orwell

P is for Pagnol

Q is for Quint

R is for Rowling

S is for Staalesen

T is for Tolkien

U is for Updike

V is for Vargas Llosa

W is for Walliams

X is for Xinran

Y is for Yezierska

Z is for Zafón

Do your own alphabet, let me know what you come up with. I think they should teach this in schools – makes a change from A for Apple doesn’t it?