Edinburgh Book Festival

Packing for the Literary festival of the year!
Packing for the Literary festival of the year!

I am so happy today. I got up and was ready to start phoning for tickets for the Edinburgh Book festival. I had 5 events in mind..well I say 5 I ended up booking 7 hehe. I may just have lost my job but at least my final pay packet is going to good use! Beans on toast for the forseeable but I have books to read and 7 literary events to go to so that’ll keep my mind off food!

The literary event of the year place from August 10th to August 26th in Edinburgh’s beautiful Charlotte Square in the centre of the city. I can’t believe the calibre and range of authors and writing events they have this year. I mean other years have been utterly fantastic but there just seems to be a certain buzz about this year.

Its the festival’s 30th year and what a party it looks like! I’m so lucky to have been a university student in the Scottish capital years ago as I managed to attend many events over the years. I am really excited to see translation events this year which celebrate translated fiction and how books are enjoyed via translation as this is an issue close to my heart. I was so impatient with the seemingly low level of books translated into English that I took up a few languages to be able to read even more but I admit this is extreme. But it’s a crime that great literature could stay limited to the original language as I read a lot of translated fiction as well as in the original language and have discovered some literary gems as a result!

I have booked to see some of my favourite writers from my reading as an adult as well as those I have enjoyed as a child as well as children’s books I enjoy now to be honest hehe. Good stories stay with you after all.

The highlight for me will be to hear my literary heroine Margaret Atwood speak about her novels. This lady for me, single handedly got me hooked on not only her fantastic books – Alias Grace! – as well as the Canadian literary scene which subsequently made me travel to Canada and live there for a while. I spent quite a bit of time in Canada, worked there and read as many Canadian authors as possible whilst at the same time raiding Toronto bookstores sending back boxes of books back to the UK.

So thank you Margaret Atwood. Thank you Edinburgh Book Festival. You helped to nourish my literary obsessions and to make sure that the bug which had bitten me as a child never let go.