A Christmas Wedding- Ariège, France – Julia Stagg

xmas wedding

A quick visit back to Fogas for Christmas is one flyby trip we are dying to make!

Story in a nutshell

An Ebook novella is the perfect way to return to Fogas (fictional) in the French Pyrenees for a French themed wedding in the snow. Never mind the groom has cold feet and the caterers seem to be missing. What else could go wrong?

Place and setting

The 'Fogas' region with the South West in particular being the inspiration behind Julia's books
The ‘Fogas’ region with the South West in particular being the inspiration behind Julia’s books

If a cosy but chaotic French village at Christmas time takes your fancy then this cosy read will take the chill from your nose and warm the cockles of your heart. It has everything of the famous French Fogas setting right there – the rural setting, the bumpy roads to the village, the post office, the stunning mountains and the crazy colourful characters. It’s the characters that make these stories come alive – their habits, sayings, way of life and way of looking at the world all make for some eye rolling and sighing of your own. That’s when you’re not snorting with laughter.

Whether you have been to Fogas before or not, this is a great introduction to life there or as we said before a flying visit to a wedding that you know is not going to go smoothly. Well, does anything go smoothly in Fogas?

Even as the novella opens the Cantonnier is having a problem with getting the perfect Christmas tree in the village and what with being surrounded by trees and mountains, you wonder why…

And then there’s the image that you just know is going to lead to trouble – the groom can’t dance. Who ever hear of a man being unable to dance on his wedding day? or a spice cake containing chilli instead of cinnamon? 

French fabulousness in a snow globe