Doncaster, York – Bones in the Nest – Helen Cadbury


2000s: Two years after To Catch A Rabbit, Sean Denton is back and Doncaster has another challenge.


Sean Denton is no longer a PSCO but a fully fledged police officer, a constable if you will, and is training and working hard in his home town of Doncaster. He ends up working on  a case which is developing ion the estate where his father lives. A young muslim man has been found murdered and racial tensions are high. Added to this is the fact that the infamous Chasebridge killer has been released from prison. Then there’s chloe, recently released from prison and living in a bail hostel in York. Times are changing and not everyone is able to adapt to their new situation. Yorkshire is not the quiet place you may think it is.

Place and setting

Doncaster and York both feature

Doncaster is the literary stomping ground of Helen Cadbury and this time she takes us to an even darker side and delves into racial tensions together with the anger and frustration in a working class community and its problems.

Doncaster may also be Sean Denton’s patch but when he is called to solve a crime on the very estate where his father still lives, he is in a unique yet difficult position to  work amongst the residents in an area he knows as an insider whilst working as an officer of the law.

Chasebridge Estate is the focal point for the story and there is a Clean Up Chasebridge campaign to help try and sort out the area’s problems. The estate has many problems such as suspected drug dealers and other criminal activity. Tensions are high and neighbours mistrustful of each other. A killer returned to their midst is not going to be well received.

Sean understands better than most the idio-syncrancies of these people, his people and has the trust of many of them. He still cares for the place and so has a fine line to walk in protecting and bringing justice to the killer. The estate is a melting pot and Sean has to be careful about how much he stirs up what’s inside.

Meanwhile in York, a young lady by the name of Chloe Toms has been released from prison and is now living in a woman’s bail hostel and she is struggling to cope with life outside. So much has changed since she was locked up, the world has moved on and that someone however has not forgotten and now she has to deal with someone who seems to be out to get here. Her life is one of a new beginning but in a new strange and alien world and so her journey towards normality of sorts is not going to be easy.

Yorkshire – both Doncaster and York itself showcase a range of characters with working class communities and a past and present which could clash if they are not careful.

Author info: | Facebook @helencadbury

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