The Black Country – Evil Games – Angela Marsons

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Why a booktrail?

Early 2000s: Detective Kim Stone is about to face one of the most sickening cases of her career


Detective Kim Stone and her team are called into resolve the case of a rapist who has just been found stabbed to death. However the case turns out to be anything but straight forward as there appears to be something much more sinister at work.

The investigation into a sick paedophile ring is not what Kim wanted or hoped to find herself working on. And someone appears to be doing their own twisted experiment. Detective Stone could be in real danger. For as the body count starts to rise, she has to face something of her own in order to try and stop the killing.

Place and setting

To see the nicer side of The Black Country visit this museum!
To see the nicer side of The Black Country visit this museum!

The title says it all for there are some evil games going on in the aptly named (in this case) Black Country. You sure won’t find a more disturbing sociopath/psychopath stalking the streets in any other crime novel or at least it will be hard pushed to find one this horrific.

The Black Country might be a nice rural yet close to the city setting but this is merely a landscape in this case for utter depravity. The cat and mouse game that is going on across  the region between the police and the psycho is chilling and raw.

There are moments of humour as well though – chilling humour recalling childhood memories of a sort –

“I can see it in your face. You look like someone stole your Barbie doll and boiled it.”

DI Stone is the officer on the case and she and her team have her work cut out as there are many horrific crime occurring on her patch. Luckily DI Stone also manages to reveal some of her softer side and her adoption of Barney the dog is a real step forward in this direction. Nevertheless her dismissal and annoyance at times towards authority is where she really shines. You need a gut feeling to solve cases here it would seem.

The Black Country has never looked so dark!


I thought that Angela Marsons had put the black into the Black County with her first book Silent Scream for the title is exactly what I did when reading it. Phew well at least I thought I could  read the second once the breath in my body had returned. The writing was so good and the tension so high I was addicted.

Well this second book is even blacker, darker and a lot more sinister than the first. Disturbingly so – still a great novel mind with vile being just as much a main character as the human ones ( well sub human for many of them)

I find novels about child abuse hard to read and often avoid them but Angela’s first book really made me change my habits – and I’m very pleased I did. The detail of the cases, the background and personal experience of the detective make for some interesting angles I’ve not seen in crime fiction before. It was like being inside the mind of a depraved and sick killer and it was gross but fascinating all at once. I hated them on sight and hoped that DI Stone would be able to stay balanced on that tricky line between fragility and complete collapse.

Evil Games – now there’s a title. Perfectly sums up what goes on here although “Oxygen Shortage” and “Curveball comes from nowhere to knock the wind out of your sails” could be alternative titles although not so catchy of course.

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