Writers’ Houses – Where Great Books Began – Nick Channer

Today is #Bookshopcrawl day and we’re very excited. Going around a bookshop or a few bookshops for the greater good and having a day to celebrate it? well our arms do not need any twisting at all. We think everyone should go and buy a book today from an indie bookshop.You might want to buy a novel, or you might want something a little bit different…

Are you naturally curious? Nosy even?

Do you love to see what other people have in their homes?

Want to see how the other half live?

This is a lovely book about where you can see some of the homes of the great writers from  days gone by. The homes and landscapes which inspired some of the most iconic novels of all time?


Agatha Christie – Devon


Address:Greenway Road, Galmpton, near Brixham, Devon, TQ5 0ES

Telephone: 01803 842382


The books to take –

Evil Under the Sun – Murder comes to a secluded Devon hotel just as Poirot is trying to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet

Dad Man’s Folly – Poirot gets on the case after a murder mystery evening suddenly turns deadly for real. This was modeled on the holiday retreat at Greenway where Christie used to go.

Ordeal by Innocence A family murder takes places at a Devon country house inspired by Greenway…


Sherlock Holmes himself – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Groombridge Place Estates Ltd.

Groombridge Place, Groombridge Hill, Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN3 9QG

Telephone: 01892 861444 Email: office@groombridgeplace.com


The book to take –

The Valley of Fear

The setting of the novel is hugely inspired by Groombridge place and the garden where  Dr Watson overhears an important conversation is a great place to read the novel today and wonder what ‘Birlstone Manor’ would have been like in his day…


James Herriot – Yorkshire


23 Kirkgate, Thirsk, North Yorkshire YO7 1PL

Telephone: 01845 524234

E-mail: mail@worldofjamesherriot.com

We loved reading about this writer as not only has he written some very funny books about Yorkshire life, he is a true Northerner – born in Sunderland, raised in Glasgow, he moved to Thirsk after the outbreak of the Second World War.

Oh the fun we’ve had trailing the hills and dales of Yorkshire thanks to you Mr James. Or should that be Alf Wight, his real name before he saw a certain Jim Herriot  play football one day…

Books to read –

All Creatures Great and Small


Where have you been to on a pilgrimage of a literary kind? Go pick up a book today and see where the book can take you or where the writer took their inspiration from and who knows what you will discover

Books really do take you places!

Writers Houses  – Where Great Books Began is written by Nick Channer with a foreword from no other than Julian Fellowes of Downton Abbey fame. Now these are two men who know something of old majestic houses and settings!

Published by @RobertHaleBooks and reviewed in @DevonLife with a great piece about Agatha Christie’s Devon


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