Lisbeth Salander around the world – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

It’s the day of the girl #dayofthegirl at @Quercus books to celebrate the birthday of Lisbeth Salander and the fact that she is such a great character and has made such an impression on everyone who has come into contact with her.With the fourth book in the series being published later this year, we take a look back at the start and look at Lisbeth as she is seen around the world.

This was the first version I ever saw and promptly was recommended it by a very enthusiastic Swedish bookseller. Explaining that I was after a good story with great characters and would be using the book to help learn Swedish, she told me that the words and phrases I came across in this book, I would never forget. Probably never be able to use in an everyday situation but it would be a fun experience! And so, Lisbeth came home with me to my Swedish appartment and well, she’s stayed with me ever since. Thanks to her I discovered much of Stockholm and the surrounding area too – she’s quite the guide!


But what does the rest of the world make of her? What was the UK cover at the time? I can see why they changed the title from ‘the man who hates women’ to ‘ The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’


And then I saw these and marvelled at the way in which different countries see Lisbeth and her world –


The French one reminds me of Christina Ricci from the Adams Family and the Spanish one is rather Picasso in style but which one would have made you pick up the book? The portuguese one is my favourite from the ones above.

But it will always be that chilling face on the Swedish cover which wins over everytime. I was chilled but wanted to read this to find out why..

Lisbeth is here to stay and I for one can not wait to read the next one in the series.

3 thoughts on “Lisbeth Salander around the world – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

    1. I know how strange is that! I like the Spanish one as it reminds me of a Picasso painting. Still think the UK and American ones are the most like the characters in the book but I love foreign book covers – they reveal so much!

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