The arrival of a literary rock star……Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival – part one

photo (29)

The tension and the excitement in the audience was palpable……

For the stage in front of us was set and the arrival of the special guest star was imminent.

The thumping baseline of ‘Flash’s Theme’ by Queen – the Flash Gordon theme song pumped in time with our heartbeats and the sound was deafening. A true literary rockstar in all senses of the word was about to enter the room.

To add to the atmosphere, a mist was starting to descend and fill the room threatening to swallow us all up in a snowstorm of sorts. Snow…..the fear crept inside me and I turned to the guy next to me whose beard had taken on a blood red tinge thanks to the rotating spotlight above. The musical thunder swallowed my screams…

Would there be Blood on Snow? Should I not have reread The Snowman the night before? Now, if I saw a scarf lying on the floor, abandoned from its snowman body, that was it, I’d be out of there!

Then a man fighting his way through the mist, dressed in black, waving his arms to find his way – a bit like a Phantom…..I was half out of my chair but phew it was luckily Mark Lawson, presenter and broadcaster extraordinaire.

And then…

…..the man himself…..

…the Redeemer…… came into view

Shocks and gasps from the audience showed greatness had arrived….

Jo Nesbo was in the house……….

Disclaimer – some or all of this experience may or may not have been true since the writer has a overly vivid imagination..

But this evening – the Theakston’s Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival was very real and very exciting indeed….

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