Stories set in snowy landscapes


Christmas time is awash with snowy settings on Christmas cards and kids playing in the snow so we thought we’d look at some of the best snowy scenes in books we’re read.



A forbidden passion. A lifetime of consequences. A family secret that has consequences which ripple through time…

One character, Emily, looks at a canvas –

It takes skill to evoke snow like that. Look at the snowdrifts and the way she’s given weight and form to them even though they’re white on white.

Emily gazed hard, She could almost feel the chill coming off the canvas, the burn of the ice and the smoky frost on top of the drifts.

She took out the canvas on the top of the pile and regarded it. It was another evocation of the landscape covered in snow but panted for a slightly different perspective.


ALASKA – The Snow Child

wnochildA story of two lonely people living in the raw,bleak landscape of Alaska. The yearn for a child,the sorrow for a lost one, and the desire to build one from snow…one that seems to come alive….

The raw bleakness yet strangely magical quality of the landscape and of the intricate beauty of snow is beautifully evoked –

She could not fathom the hexagonal miracle of snowflakes formed from clouds, crystallized fern and feather that tumble down to light on a coat sleeve, white stars melting even as they strike. How did such force and beauty come to be in something so small and fleeting and unknowable? You did not have to understand miracles to believe in them, and in fact Mabel had come to suspect the opposite.


PARIS – A Paris Winter

paris winter

A deep, dark and opulent tale of Belle epoque Paris, and the secrets and dangers hidden beneath its luxurious facade. Maud Heighton came to Lafond’s famous Academie to paint, and to flee the constraints of her small English town. It took all her courage to escape, but Paris eats money…..

The snow had settle on the gargoyles who stared down on the city with horrified pleasure

..water everywhere. It rippled along the quays and ate away at the islands; the naked trees, shivering with wet snow hung at strange angles along the Quai de Conti.

Paris is beautiful tonight. All this water, the way the light swims in it. Notre Dame behind you covered in snow. It looks like a palace.


FRANCE – Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse

winter ghosts

1928  Freddie is grieving the death of his brother in the first World War and whilst driving through the foothills of the French Pyrenees, his car spins off the road in a snowstorm.

Soon he finds himself at the centre of an ancient mystery and to an appalling secret that has been hidden for 700 years.

It was no longer snowing, but there was a swirling fog, growing thicker by the minute, that wrapped itself around me, insinuating itself into my nose, my mouth, my throat.

It muffled all sound and distorted the landscape giving the countryside a sinister character. Misshapen trees and rocks transformed themselves into mythical beasts.

We’d love to hear your best literary snowy snippets from your favourite books!

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