Strange Girls and Ordinary Women – Madeira – Morgan McCarthy


Madeira. Three very different women who at first seem to have no apparent links to one another find their lives intertwined in very strange ways

Story in a nutshell

An enjoyable book featuring 3 interesting but very different women – Alice,Vic,and Kaya 

One is a doctor’s wife, one a hotel manager in Madeira  and the other dreaming of life away from her family and to a better place.

From London to Madeira we follow their lives and the, at first, invisible threads that keep them linked together. The blurb of the book says We all see what we want to see’ and this is the intriguing tag line that draws you right in.

Female intuition, the other woman, loyalty and the will to survive

Place and setting

Portugal and the island of Madeira
Portugal and the island of Madeira

Vic lives in Madeira and thinks of her return to England and tries to remember what it is like – 

Vic can’t summon many clear memories of England…

…she thinks of rain and cucumber sandwiches…..

Meanwhile, Madeira is

The cooled glamour of the grand era of hotels of the time when Madeira was the jewel of the crown of the colonial classes

Perhaps the saddest place we visit here is The Purple Tiger, the town’s only strip club

As well as Madeira, we also get a glimpse of London and Paris we also get a snapshot of a brief visit to Paris too and the graves of Sartre and De Beauvoir

But the real journey is the space between these three very different women

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