Why we love Bookshops #thisbookshop


Recently the North East woke up to the great news that we’re getting a new Waterstones in Gateshead’s Metro Centre. It left many years ago and the MetroCentre has been poorer for it. So, a reason to celebrate  – BOOKSHOPS ARE FIGHTING BACK!

This follows other good news that a favourite bookshop of ours -Forum Books in Corbridge – had extended and opened a children’s bookshop with a garden, more reading activities and holding even more events for children and adults alike. Already bringing great authors to the North East such as Jessie Burton of The Miniaturist fame, this book haven is a mecca for book loving people everywhere.

There are few bookshops,  independent or otherwise left in the UK and numbers seem to be dwindling yet we’re so happy to see that Bookshops are fighting back and becoming more imaginative and more involved with readers as well as reading.

Two local authors who recently popped in to Forum Books recently to sign and eat cake –

Mari Hannah and Dan Smith in Forum Books Kids
Mari Hannah and Dan Smith in Forum Books Kids

A recent day with local Horrible Histories writer Terry Deary

The man behind Horrible Histories
The man behind Horrible Histories

Another local book haven – Cogito – has had many a literary lunch and is the official bookseller of Hexham Book Fair with events such as signings and film showings bringing readers and authors together. We were lucky enough to meet Mr Grantchester himself James Runcie this year and to have read the books and now to be watching it come alive on screen is a real treat. Something we have Cogito to thank for.

Cogito supports the arts and local communities
Cogito supports the arts and local communities

We also love the idea of Customer Recommendations that they have so you can share and chat books with other readers in store and recommend your favourites.

A lovely idea from Cogito
A lovely idea from Cogito

Waterstones Gateshead is a welcome addition to the North East landscape and we’re happy to have you return. Waterstones Newcastle is already a regular haunt – indeed Harold Fry  walked the length and breadth of the country up north to see his Queenie. He passed these parts and headed up to Berwick upon Tweed.

If he’d had time, we’re sure he would have stopped off for some literary refreshment in Waterstones Newcastle – their pastries are to die for!

Book Narnia - Waterstones Newcastle
Book Narnia – Waterstones Newcastle – the book in front is the hardback version full of wonderous things

Every time we go into a bookshop, we feel as if we’ve walked into Narnia as we always have an adventure, meet some new friends and  have to walk out and close the door behind us before we’re back in the real world.

But even though when we are  back in the real world, it’s with a book in our hands.

Thank you book havens everywhere xxxx

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