The Devil’s Workshop – London 1890 – Alex Grecian


The third in the series brings a mass prison breakout to London 1890 and sees the return of Jack the Ripper

Story in a nutshell

London, 1890. Some of the city’s elite are fed up with a growing sense of danger and murder in the capital and so decided to fix the problem themselves. They spring 4 murderers to escape prison after a trash crash is engineered to free them. But that’s when things go wrong.

The criminals have a plan of their own and it’s up to Walter Day, Nevil Hammersmith, and the rest of Scotland Yard’s Murder Squad to hunt the convicts down. But one of the killers won’t stop for anyone  – least of all a member of the Murder Squad who he vowed retribution on for years. Now it seems, he may have his bloody chance,

Place and setting

The tangled web of London streets where killers are on the loose and Jack is back
The tangled web of London streets where killers are on the loose and Jack is back

Scotland Yard – where the police HQ is

Regent’s Park Road, Primrose hill where Walter day lives with his family

Victoria Road, near New Hampstead where they go to find a lead in the case

University college hospital – where Kingsley works

Whitechapel – where Jack The Ripper was known to kill several women

From the dark dank cells of HM Prison Bridewell to the more upmarket but dimly lit streets such as Regent’s Park road and Scotland Yard where the police station is, this is a London still reeling from the horrific crimes of Jack the Ripper. Little do the people know that he has not disappeared from the shadows and is in fact binding his time to emerge once again.

This is London at its most dangerous – before dawn, the nation’s fledging police force must try and round up the prisoners who have escaped before they run off under cloak of darkness once the night returns to protect them in the city’s underbelly.

From the descriptions of the rank prison cells, to the underground world of Jack the Ripper and scenes of torture, to the dirty, cobbled streets, this is like stepping back into the horror and raw darkness of that time.

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