Before We Met – London and New York – Lucie Whitehouse

before-we-metSet in London and New York –

Hannah sits at Heathrow airport waiting to welcome her husband of eight months, home from New York. But when he doesn’t show, she starts to worry. Particularly as she is unable to contact him. then the next flight arrives and he’s not on that either…

Now the griping premise of this book is making you think wht you would do in the exact same situation in which Hannah finds herself in. Where is her husband? Where has  he been, what has he been up to? And did she ever really know him?

Added to this is Hannah’s fear of turning into her mother – a woman who constantly snooped into her husbands affairs and who ultimately drive him away with her nagging. She is keen not to be at all like her so it takes her longer than most to start questioning things and voicing her concerns.

The tension builds before ending in an ending of the thriller variety and although I had guessed the end it was no less exciting to see it play out. Makes you think about your nearest and dearest and what you think you know…

This was quite the thriller as I really got into Hannah’s mindset and started to wonder just what on earth Mark was getting up to? She seem a bit too paranoid at times especially since she had only known him a short time but this still is a situation that we could find ourselves in so it was still scary and dark as I started to question my own life and surroundings. Yes it does make you paranoid but that is the sign of good writing getting into your head.  By visiting the streets and sights in the book, we got into the alleys and backstreets of Hannah’s search for the truth..

Booktrail through Hannah’s London – and New York…..

Sights of Before We Met in London
Sights of Before We Met in London

Caffe Nero in Parsons Green – see where Hannah took some time out to sit and think about what was going on

Quarrendon Street   – where she and Mark live a “quiet and unassuming life” or so we think…

Parsons Green tube – Hannah passes through here quite a lot

Manbre Road – where Mark’s company Data Pro is located.

As we leave Hannah at Heathrow waiting for Mark to show up…..we fly off to New York….

Locations in Before We Met -New York
Locations in Before We Met -New York

Hannah calls the W hotel near Wall street to try and find Mark – this is the location of the hotel where he always stay and when he’s not there, she starts to panic

Cobble Hill – well she might want to avoid this place as its where she and Mark meet Ant and Roisin at the place where they sell the amazing eggs with paprika and sourdough bread

Mulberry Street – Best to avoid this place Hannah – you had a date with Mark here – well it all seemed so plausible here didn’t it?

Westville – one of New York’s best places for hotdogs and Mark and Hannah both eat here and remember it well

So – which ever city you decide to visit – just be careful if you sit in Caffe Nero, Parsons Green or eat a hotdog at Westville’s New York – for if you meet a man called Mark, you might want to run for the hills…

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2 thoughts on “Before We Met – London and New York – Lucie Whitehouse

    1. What a lovely thing to say! It’s a lot of fun to do and I love maps and books so the two come together really nicely for me. It’s lovely that you enjoy it so much and I really appreciate that you have taken the time to say that. Thank you very much!

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