Bookshop booktrail – day 1

Last week was one of the best weeks in book history  – a week where everyone up and down the country was encouraged to support their local indie bookstore and of course to buy books.

Well we don’t do things by halves here at BookTrail towers so we decided to do a mammoth bookshop booktrail to thank all of those lovely indie booksellers who love books

The booktrailer does Booksellers Week 2014

Book day 1 – West End Lane Books, Hampstead

photo (23)

Now this was a lovely first stop. Took the tube and got off in leafy Hampstead. It was a lovely hot day so I was in great need for a book and a little visit to the nearby park to sit and read it.

The lovely and rather famous self titled ‘Humble book serf’ Saskia van Emden works there and she was my personal book personal shopper that day. What fun we had – selecting books, talking about books, taking books off the shelves and admiring the covers. Oh and when the book postman came to visit, there was a level of such excitement that I remembered what it was like to be a child again at Christmas time!

Here I was, with WEL books in my sight….

Aah West End Lane books...
Aah West End Lane books…

WEL books, apart from having one of the most funny and amusing twitter profiles of any bookshop, is full to the brim of great literature. There’s a lovely children’s corner (complete with Penguin who always has a kind word to say)

My new friend
My new friend

A tower of books with limited edition covers…….

the book tower
the book tower

Creaky wooden floorboards as the best bookshops should always have – its adds to the mood and the atmosphere of book browsing

Books and the book tower!
Those perfect book browsing floorboards

I spent some time there – browsing, chatting and wishing I worked there! so what did I buy? Well given my love of location, I was recommended a book set in Hampstead! And it looked so good that I immediately bought it, complete with free WELbooks bookmark – how excited was I?

Book set in Hampstead!
Book set in Hampstead!

I left WEL books and looked for a lovely place to read my new purchase. Spotting some yellow stone steps right in the sun, I parked myself down beside a church looking building and was just about to read when I spotted a sign saying  ‘Library’  – well that was me gone. A lovely quaint library with a lovely local selection and a rather grand entrance and yellow stone steps.


Book haul on day 1? One so far but a good booktrailer has to try and pace themselves hehe

Visit WEL books on line here – 

2 thoughts on “Bookshop booktrail – day 1

    1. Ooh do! Its in a lovely part of London I didnt know that well so be sure to stop off in a cafe nearby too! WELbooks is so friendly and so many books! The staff are just the best! very welcoming and they know EVERYTHING about books

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