Care for a warm, hearty brew with a bit of spice? Try The Tea Chest….

bookieCan you really sell tea to the English?

Can an Australian ever hope to run a successful tea shop deep in the heart of London?

Kate Fullerton, certainly hopes so.

For Kate is a talented tea designer and now co-owner of The Tea Chest in Chelsea, London. She could never have imagined that she’d be flying half way around the world  from Brisbane in order to save the business from closure. But as she embarks on this personal mission, she is risking more personal issues at home.

Then she meets Leila and Elizabeth  – two women with issues of their own and their stories are about to combine in ways that blend each of the characters together like a good cup of tea.

The Tea Chest is a business and these women have enough personal issues without the added stress of a business. Mix in with that, someone who is blatantly trying to derail the entire process, some riots and a few other ‘incidents’ besides and this novel has more spice that your average Masala chai!

The TeaChest – 


This is a lovely project I thought – imagine opening up your very own tea shop – especially if it was like this!

Kate had been busy with personal consultations for individual tea blends. 

Elizabeth had gone for a peppermint- chocolate chai. She’d even found a min-green and chocolate -brown vintage dress….

Leila had decide on a vanilla and marshmallow chai, with wee pieces of marshmallow included.

Aah, well I immediately went and put the kettle on – 


The Cover – to evoke setting –


Even before you open up this book, the cover is a treat in itself – bunting, yellow wooden panelled walls and the most gorgeous tea cups and tea pot you could ever imagine.

Now this book not only came delivered by the ever smiley postman ever, but it came wrapped in the most gorgeous tea towel with a tea bag inside!

The teatastic taste of the Tea Chest....
The teatastic taste of the Tea Chest….

Don’t think that this book is light and fluffy chick lit- far from it although it is charming and funny in many parts, this is a novel and the trials and tribulations of friendship as well as being an enchanting and witty novel about the unexpected ways in which love and friendship can see us through life.

It is written with a lot of heart and with both sugar and spice each page infused with rose, camomile and other tea combinations. 

The story is as unique as the tea blends it showcases – 

A debut taster for the joys of more evocative writing to come! And don’t miss the tea recipes and tips at the back of the book – for the best tea tasting tips from Josephine herself. Sit back, taste and enjoy!

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