The Miniaturist and its evocative book cover

Following on from yesterday’s excited post about the upcoming novel The Miniaturist, we wanted to share something else with you about this amazing book. The cover itself.. perhaps one of the most amazing, detailed and imaginative we have ever seen here at The Booktrail…..

The house on the cover was built from scratch by the most remarkable artist! It’s the kind of cover where, just as like when looking at a real dollhouse, you have to look and look as you can’t take  your eyes off it. Every time you look you see something else – just as every time you read the book, you discover something else. magical on every layer……

The detail of the cover show the detail that was exhibited in the real dollhouse in the Rijksmuseum – the very same houses that wealthy women of the Golden Age would furnish as a sign of their status in society. Rather how we buy cars and houses today – you see some things just don’t change.

The amazing designer Katie Tooke – just look at what she’s achieved! – designed the cover for the novel


The setting is captured so perfectly in the artwork –

The large grand houses of the time

The paintings on the wall

The ornate moldings of the decoration

The dress of the day

Both the novel and the cover are incredibly evocative and we could see the fire on the cover as we did in the novel, its orange glow on the checkered tiles.We see Marin and Johannes upstairs with Rezeki the dog.  Nella stands downstairs alone having just moved to Amsterdam and entered this house to be with her new husband who she has only met at their wedding.

Nella waits for the biggest adventure of her life. She is about to meet The Miniaturist....
Nella waits for the biggest adventure of her life. She is about to meet The Miniaturist….

Standing alone with her parakeet Peebo, she is poised for adventure….

As we are..

July 3rd 

The Miniaturist is published in the UK

2 thoughts on “The Miniaturist and its evocative book cover

    1. I loved it but some people are saying the story of the Miniaturist is not the dominant storyline – I guess this is true but it is still in the background and relevant to everything else that is happening. I’d be interested to know what you think

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