Out of this world – World Book Night


To celebrate World Book Night the booktrail has chosen one of the many titles on offer to review and talk about since, well, if ever there was a book more apt to be mentioned on World Book Night then it is a book that is quite literally out of this world, if you excuse the pun.

The story of the Humans

What is to be human? We are complicated creatures, capable of the best and yet also of the the worst.

Set in Cambridge – 

Cambridge - image by Wikipedia. Is that the professor in the boat by any chance?
Cambridge – image by Wikipedia. Is that the professor in the boat by any chance?

Professor Andrew Martin makes a discovery that could change the world.

He is a mathematical genius and workaholic who has managed to solve a major mathematical problem, which could lead to a huge breakthrough in scientific advancements and possibly even widespread space travel.

Aliens find out and are not surprisingly unnerved at this discovery and so one alien invades the body of the professor, kills him and inhabits his body. Now, looking like the professor and talking like him, he has to learn to be him and to find out if he told anyone of his findings and workings out to do with the theory. Oh and to eliminate his wife and son as well.

What on earth would the humans do with this information this professor has discovered?

The human who discovered it of course must die, but in order to blend in and find out what information he had about his discovery and another life form then the alien has to blend in and adopt their way of life

Cue a culture clash of epic and ALIEN proportions

  • learning the value of clothes (especially of the importance of not being naked in public )
  • Spitting at someone is NOT a greeting

But what happens when the alien starts to understand a little of these funny human people. Could he be putting his whole mission to Earth in jeopardy?

The humans are an arrogant species, defined by violence and greed. They have taken their home planet, the only one they currently have access to , and placed it on the road to destruction.

You  must never fall into the humans trap

You must never soften m or shrink from your task

stay pure 

retain your logic


One thing that I’m sure that the alien would certainly be able to grasp on first sight is the reason why we humans are so excited about world book night. An interview with the alien I would imagine, would go like this –

  1. to get more humans and of course aliens to read more books – There is one genre in fiction. The genre is called ‘book’
  2. To place books into the hands of humans who for some reason don’t read. Is there really such a thing on earth?
  3. To raise the profile of reading for pleasure for humans  -what other kind of reading is there?  – although Charlotte’s web does make both humans and aliens cry alike.
  4. To improve the literacy of humans in the UK and Ireland and aliens wherever they be in the universe
  5. To bring humans and alien life forms together, preferably around a good book.

You’ve got these people saying that aliens are obviously made up as because War of the Worlds and Close Encounters of the Third Kind was made up and even though they like those things, they kind of formed a prejudice in their head that aliens can only be enjoyed as fiction.

Some other titles of fiction that humans and aliens can enjoy together -set in Dartmouth, Brighton and San Francisco
Some other titles of fiction – World Book Night Titles – that humans and aliens can enjoy together -from left to right – set in Dartmouth, Brighton and San Francisco

So open up your world, heck even your universe

Like that alien…

Go somewhere where you have never been to before, meet someone new, immerse yourself in a new landscape and a new adventure

…with a book

Humans are not the centre of the Universe.

Books are.


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