Mums and reading on Mother’s Day

Give flowers today –

Book Flowers!
Book Flowers!

Every mother is a book

Thats worth their weight in gold

For both can offer up some warmth

If you are feeling cold

For reading is just like a hug

That mothers often give

With words of wisdom, sprinkled in

Warm memories to relive

Your mother may have read to you

Your very first real story

So give a hug of thanks so that

Today she gets the glory!

This mother’s day why don’t you buy a book for your lovely mum. I did and she’s been quiet for an hour now! aah peace at last hehe.

Having tea with mum with one of our Mother's Day titles
Having tea with mum with one of our Mother’s Day titles

Of course I’m joking – its lovely to see reading being passed up the generation instead of just down it.

She’s always been a reader but recently she has started to read more and more and of course, I’m only to happy to help!

We’re having tea and I’ve got this book ready for her about a mum who would do anything to protect her child. Set in Canada



What about the most matriachal mother there is? Set in the USA

littlel women

And let’s not forget the adoptive mum – Set in Prince Edward Island


The story about motherly love and loss that made me cry –


What about the one who wants to relieve her dying mother’s anguish and to find a secret that has been buried somewhere in her past? Set in Suffolk and London and Australia


And we have to mention the one with a mother’s love that lasts and lasts for decades and a mother who never ever gives up on finding out the truth of what happened to her little boy –


The Midnight Rose - Set in India and England
The Midnight Rose – Set in India and England


There are many more books written about and dedicated to our most precious of people. Would love to hear your picks!


Happy Mother’s Day to all Mothers out there x

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