The Hangman’s Song in Edinburgh


Setting – Edinburgh, Scotland


In this the third in the DI McLean series from James Oswald, the DI has been seconded to the Sexual Crimes Unit (SCU) and so finds himself working on some harrowing cases such as the death of a pimp and two suspicious suicides.

Looking up from Princess Street gardens
Looking up from Princess Street gardens


Set in Edinburgh like the earlier books in the series, you really have to have read the first ones to fully understand some of the references or at least to understand the development of the characters as more is revealed of DI McLean in particular which is very interesting.


The first two books in the series
The first two books in the series

The Hangman’s Song picks up pretty much where the Book of Souls left off and it grabs you with the scruff of your neck. But this trip to Edinburgh is murkier and more gritty that the others. It’s raw and graphic in places so not for the faint hearted. And DI McLean is understandably a bitter man.


The supernatural aspect to the book is what makes it perfect that it is set in Edinburgh so you should definately go on a ghost hunt or just to walk the same streets that McLean does at night to feel the fear.

The streets of Edinburgh
The streets of Edinburgh


A lot of the characters are going through changes and so is the police department so everything is up in the air which provides for even more chaos in McLean’s life.


Another great chilling trip to Edinburgh’s darkest and dingiest streets


Just don’t read it alone

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