Book Advent – Day 22

Book Advnet date 22 comes with a book that is a mixed bag and a bit of a surprise – full of bling and a journey through Canada and America in the 1930s all the way to Hollywood

9781459708495Mary Mabel McTavish is trying to make her mark in the big wide world

She is suicidal and down on her luck but something happens and she finds out that she somehow can resurrect the dead.

This miracle takes her on quite a journey through 1930s Canada and America where she meets and sometimes interacts with characters from history such as J. Edgar Hoover and the Rockettes as she moves through the years.Finally when she reaches Hollywood, she meets people who all want  a piece of the miracle. And the world of Hollywood is quite the charmer at times. Religious zealots all want to share in the miracle and accompany Mary on her journey.

This is a booktrail through time and across two countries into the world of Hollywood and all the trappings of what can be found there. From behind the facade, there are dark shadows, social criticism and dark dark thoughts. Which makes for quite a journey.

Ths book was a shock in that it was a lot of fun and a bit naughty. It was hilarious, close to the edge, weird and a catch you off guard kind of read and the journey throughout the history of Canada and America was a particularly nice theme to the whole story.

I guess the best description I can give to this book is like a sideshow in a circus where you open the curtains and take a peak and don’t know whether to laugh, cry or cry out in shock. Some of the early chapters were difficult to read since there were lots of characters introduced that I had trouble identifying in my mind but like in a circus, you may never get to know everyone but you know that they help to build up the scene and make it what it is.

Roll up roll up for the Resurrection of Mary Mabel McTavish.

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