Book Advent – day 19 – A snow quiz

Today it felt time to have a snow quiz looking at the best snow scenes in literature, stories set in snowy places and books which snow was almost as big a character as the human characters themselves  – so just for fun here are 6 questions with the answers appearing tomorrow. Well I can have to create a little bit of suspense now don’t I?



1. In which classic book is it winter all the time but never Christmas?

2. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, where are Harry and Hermione on a snowy Christmas Eve?


3. Where is the Snow Child set and what is her name?



4. In Snow White Must Die, what is the name of the village where the book is set?


5. Which book features this snowy scene?


It was nice, though, when we got out of the dining room. There were about three inches of snow on the ground, and it was still coming down like a madman. It looked pretty as hell, and we all started throwing snowballs and horsing around all over the place. It was very childish, but everybody was really enjoying themselves.

Have fun in the snow and see you tomorrow!

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