Book advent – day 15


Ever been to Lapland? No well I hadn’t either but this next book of Book Advent takes you there although it may not be in the way that you would like.

snowLet The Northern Lights Erase Your Name

Set in Lapland. A place most people haven’t visited but the real setting here is inside the mind of the protagonist – a 20 year old who is on the search for her biological father. But if you think it’s  a story about a girl finding herself then it is not this – in fact it is rather one about losing yourself.

The chapters are short but due to the subject matter not easy to read but for a first visit to Lapland, it’s best to avoid too many bursts of cold in one go and so a short sharp introduction to the place and subject is welcome.The place is desolate, snow covered and very very cold. Loneliness can also be cold and this novel sets loneliness in its bleak and cold background for extra emphasis.

I for one love to read about places I have never been and was compelled to read this for the Christmassy association with the setting. However the harshness of the climate and the story within make for an interesting read.

I intend to learn more about Lapland and the Sami people now I have read this. I intend to go to Lapland again very soon.

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