Secrets of a bookcase


I’ve been reorganising all my book shelves according to country and place this week – when you’re feeling a little fluey, then this is the perfect activity! Not too strenuous but very exciting!


– Barcelona

– Istanbul




and that is just the start!

It’s amazing when you start to sort your books that you realise just how divergent and exciting travelling by books is. The books I have bought and read in the places they’re set in are the most special but all my books are special in their own way. They are my escape.

I want to know which kind of places are represented on your book shelves. Go take a look  – I want to travel more and see more places. I want suggestions and places and books I may not have come across before.

I’m off to Pakistan now. Now there is a place I have never been. And all from the comfort of my little arm chair this time. Perfect.

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