Enter the Afterworld

Afterworld by Lois Walden
Afterworld by Lois Walden

After reading my post yesterday on Afterworld, I am intrigued to know why you might now like to read this book. Do you feel like this would be a good book to read? Why? What does the afterworld mean to you?

Please leave any comments below before Sunday 20th October at 4pm and the best answer will win a copy of the book!

One thought on “Enter the Afterworld

  1. This book sounds like it’s breaking new ground and I always like that. I’m not often in a mood to be scared out of my wits so not sure if I would want to read Afterworld. Strangely, the older I get, the more I hope that there is a benevolent being in charge of the universe. Afterworld does not seem to fit into those wishes. That being said you’ve done a great job of peaking my interest and when my book pile shrinks to manageable size again, I’ll likely seek it out. I love when authors do something new and innovative.

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