Edinburgh via book covers

I thought I would take you on a short tour of some sights in Edinburgh as depicted on book covers. There are more but I just wanted to keep near the old town for now.

Fleshmarket Close
Fleshmarket Close

Fleshmarket close in the old Town just off the Royal Mile is as spooky and dark as it appears on the cover. Visit here to see a dark and mysterious corner of Edinburgh where the old meat market used to be. Then go next door to St Mary’s close for a tour underground and to meet the resident ghost.

Off the Royal Mile
Off the Royal Mile

In the book there is an ‘incident’ which affects many of the characters and it happens on the royal mile – on the rainy cobbles, near the stone stairs, with people watching  and waiting in the shadows. The Royal Mile is a cavern of myterious and spooky places to lose yourself in. A maze of discovery.

Greyfriars Close
Greyfriars Close

No, you can’t come to Edinburgh without going to see the famous statue of Greyfriars bobby. It’s the famous story about the loyal Skye Terrier who stayed beside his master’s grave for fourteen years. The grave is in Greyfriars Kirkyard, about 75 yards from John Gray’s grave. Bobby’s monument is on the corner of Candlemakers Row and King George IV Bridge .

Princes Street
Princes Street

This is an image of Princes Street with the open top tour bus going past. Now I for one find these buses quite useful for getting around a city if you are new to it, and even for picking up some interesting snippets of information about the history and people who lived there. Even if you don’t take a tour, walk along Princes Street (On the side of the gardens) and make sure you sit in the gardens and look up at the castle. Listen out for the one o’clock gun. Get a poke of chips from the chippy on Rose Street and sit and enjoy them here. If you enjoy people watching, you’ll still be sat there hours later. Edinburgh walks by you when you sit here.

4 thoughts on “Edinburgh via book covers

    1. Thank you Elaine! Kind of you to say so. I have a few more to guide you through next week and the second part of Jackson Brodie’s tour too. Ooh I do hope you can come to Edinburgh one day!

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