Edinburgh festival preparation – sustenance

What I will be eating this weekend
What I will be eating this weekend

This is all you need really when preparing for a book festival – sustenance

You have to be able to be on your feet, talking to people, meeting writers and people in the book industry for hours

Time seems to disappear – there is so much to do and so little time to do it

time is precious so you need a hearty meal to see you through till the end of the day

A bottle of water may of course be invaluable tucked away in your bag – but not too big, I mean you need room for the books you will buy!

A kindle isn’t going to help you achieve getting more signed copies for your collection!

So, I have already chosen my sustenance meal of choice. Haggis, neeps and tatties. May I say that there are quite a few good places that serve this wonderful Scottish food so I can’t really recommend one.

But all I would recommend to all of you attending the Edinburgh Book Festival starting on Saturday 10th August is enjoy the books on a good stomach of haggis.

With a can of Iron Bru to wash it all down. Well, you have to eat and drink Scottish too when you’re at a Scottish Book Festival!

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