Why fiction is beautiful


Why fiction is beautiful


1. Book covers are an art form in their own right:

A beautiful art form - my favourite book cover I think I've ever seen
A beautiful art form – my favourite book cover I think I’ve ever seen



2. Reading a book awakens all the senses – touch, smell of the pages, seeing the words on the page and hearing the voices of the characters

3. Reading forms and encourages the mind like nothing else ever could

4. It takes you to places that you may never have travelled to otherwise, and gives you an experience you may never have had – like jumping into a cool lake on a hot day:


 Jump right in to a good book
Jump right in to a good book



5. It’s an escape to another world, another time

6. Like the Mr Benn cartoon – where a man in a fancy dress shop enters a parallel world full of colourful characters and situations – a book takes us on this very journey as adults

7. A world without books is a world without hope

8. A world without fiction is a world where Alice never went to Wonderland, where Charlie didn’t visit the chocolate factory and where Harry Potter never discovered the magic of Hogwarts.

9. I live, eat, and breathe fiction. Without it I would die

10. Fiction is beautiful because it’s my friend. It sits with me when I’m sad, it comforts me at night and it lies on the grass beside me in the park when I’m enjoying the sun. And my fiction friends share my home with me. I would feel lost without them

Travel to another time and place
Travel to another time and place

13 thoughts on “Why fiction is beautiful

  1. MRS SW

    I couldn’t agree more and I also remember Mr Benn! They don’t make cartoon’s like that any more!! Fortunately, books can take us wherever we want to go instead. A great list of reasons to love literature.

      1. Jason

        I love getting taken away to a world with interesting characters I relate to, a bit of escapism really 🙂 Currently, I just finished a book I didn’t really enjoy, I’m on the lookout for something good to read, your recommendations would be appreciated also. A book I loved was Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan.

      2. Thanks for your recommendation Jason – will definately take a look at that book. I really recommend The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon – a mystery about books and a book cemetery. All set in gothic Barcelona! This is the first in a series of 3 but is a standalone in its own right. Let me know what you think!

      3. Jason

        Oh yes I’ve heard of that, it’s quite dark? Will take a look, Mr Penumbra’s is also a mystery about books but a really fun and laughable read. Enjoy 🙂

      1. I think my reasons are pretty much what you’ve listed above in your post. To escape, wisdom, learn about different cultures and countries, and even about history when reading historical fiction. It’s my own form of therapy from a typical stressful workday!

    1. Hi! I read your article and yes! totally understand why you have written about Stephen King’s influence and thoughts on the subject. Its lovely to share these questions with other writers and readers like yourself. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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