A literary moment – in a supermarket

I’m writing up the second part of my Barcelona book trail as we speak, but I felt I wanted to write about a little literary moment I had this week, whilst shopping with a friend.

The Prisoner of Heaven has arrived on many a supermarket bookshelf recently and I myself have bought it despite already having it in Spanish. I like to read the same book twice but wonder if I should or not really given that I could be reading something brand new. However, a good book can be read over and over again in reality otherwise I would not have had the pleasure of entering the world’s of Alison Weir and Kate Morton several times had  I not. And sometimes once just isn’t enough.

I read to enjoy, I read to escape and I read mainly to travel  – to immerse myself in that literary world with those people that I meet and the places that they take me. Everytime I go, I see something different so no literary journey is a wasted one. When I can read something in more than one language, that makes it all the more  unique and a totally different journey again.

So wandering into Sainsbury’s, whilst my friend waltzed off to shop for food, I said I’d catch her up and look at the books



And there it was – one of the books that I have just been to Barcelona to explore further. The first in the series by Carlos Ruiz Zafon was of course The Shadow of the Wind and this is the one I was most intrigued by in Barcelona. I read a little bit in the store and was immediately transported back to the heavy and dusty heat of the Barcelona streets. Looking up at the books shelves, I imagined I was in the Cemetery of Books amongst all the forgotten or forbidden texts and wondering which one I was going to pick. Which one was going to lead me on a journey of intrigue and sometimes danger. The right book would determine the characters I would meet and the streets I would walk down. I could feel the sun on my face and the piercing white light as I left the Cemetery of Books after I opened the heavy door to the world of mystery outside. Would I visit the Plaza Real? or just loose myself in the crevices of the city’s Gothic Quarter?

I must have spent sometime in my literary world as the next thing I know, my friend comes back to find me, wondering where on earth I’d got to. You’d been here all this time? she gasped.

I just shrugged but inwardly thought ‘No I’ve just spent a delightful time with some literary friends.’

Food shopping is a lot more fun this way!


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