Barcelona Book Fair -and a literary mishap

I thought I would share some more memories of the Barcelona book fair – Saint Jordi 2013. Seems like a life time ago that the sun was shining on the rose stalls and the sweet smell of flowers and books was perfuming the air.


There were many lovely moments spent just wandering through the treelined streets of Barcelona searching for the next stop on my literary search. There were so many stalls and stands and so many books that I literally was in book heaven.  So many authors too and those I didn’t know were just as important as though I did. I got myself so excited and tried to meet as many as possible.  In fact,  the more I wandered the more I realised how many were still to see, I just felt the need to see more and more and  to try and meet everyone which was impossible really.

Kate Morton treasures
Kate Morton treasures

Every stand seemed to have a list of who was there and who was going to be there but this was quite difficult to keep track of. But having so much to look at and not knowing where all the places were properly on the map, to my shame and utter horror, I missed Kate Morton by around five minutes!  I can‘t even say that I was queuing to see someone else  – it’ s just that it was so overwhelming the whole event – plus the fact I was marching around Barcelona on one of two literary trails (limited chances whilst there and I was there on someone else’s time).

Well what can I say. I’m gutted. I’ve written about her on this blog and read all her books several times so it would have been the ultimate honour to have a signed book. Still it was fantastic to be able to buy her books in Spanish. I particularly like this one in the photo below  as it is small and hard back and its so the jacket I imagined the English version having. This is what the film would look like too in my eyes.

Kate I came so close and I’ve bought all your books again  -so now I can enter the Kate Morton world  in Spanish – to read again and to delve into that world of yours you build so imaginatively. And it’s true what they say – a good story is a good story in any language.

Funny story in all of this – I asked a rather old Catalan man  with a very thick Catalan accent ( I speak no Catalan and certainly find the accent hard to understand ) who seemed to know a lot about books and the book fair in general – he heard me talking about Kate Morton and said Si si….Morton….after a bit of a conversation – he was convinced ‘Morton’  was still there. Confused I convinced him this was not true. But he insisted – so I followed him to the nearby tent and who did I spot?

The wrong Morton! lol
The wrong Morton! lol

Only Andrew Morton – the one who wrote the books about the late Lady Diana, Princess of Wales. He’s written one about the royal women of Spain hahaha I have laughed a lot at this and, well despite my misfortune, I have a funny story to tell. Hope you enjoyed it too.  Two English speaking authors called Morton at the same event? You couldn’t make it up could you!?

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