Barcelona Book Fair – Saint Jordi 2013

Book day in Barcelona!
Book day in Barcelona!

It’s been quite a week on the book trail – I was invited to Barcelona for the fabulous Saint Jordi celebrations which is the famous festival of Saint George -the patron saint of Catalonia. On this day, men buy roses for women and they, in return, by books for the man. But people buy both for each other which is better I think.

Well i would rather have a book any day but a book and a rose! Well now. And that’s what the fantastic department store was doing – for every two books you bought, they gave you a free rose.. so I got books and a rose. Perfect.

Back to the festival though and the Saint Jordi festival was bigger and better than ever before. There were stalls all over the city filled to the brim with books. Hundreds of authors who were spending time signing their books and book related festivities in book shops and around the streets. Shops selling book shaped cakes… was book fabulousness all in one place…….book heaven infact.

St George and his dragon are painted on everything from children’s faces to cards and bookmarks, roses are sold on practically  every street corner and the whole city comes out and fill the streets.  Every publisher has their own marquee with a range of books in Catalan and Spanish and there are children’s books written about St George and the dragon which were very cute.

The dragon - how cute!
The dragon – how cute!

There was a most gorgeous scent of roses in the air everywhere you go and with the warm Barcelona sun on my back, it was a lovely day with the smell of books and roses in the air…….

roses are 'read', books should be too, Saint Jordi knows how to combine the two!
roses are ‘read’, books should be too, Saint Jordi knows how to combine the two!

The book fair….waiting to see some fabulous authors….

Dolores Redondo

Federico Moccia

Elsa Punset

Daniel Bruhl

Waiting in line to see my first author in a line of many...
Waiting in line to see my first author in a line of many…

There were many other fantabulous authors there of the English speaking world such as my absolute favourite of all time KATE MORTON!!!!!!! who readers of this blog will know  – is an author I have written about a lot since I have travelled to many different places such as Sissinghurst Castle in England thanks to her books. I also discovered Sarah Lark who writes historical fiction in Germany and Spain. I discovered so much this week and met so many amazing people, regained the fluency of my Spanish and chatted about books with people who love and write books. Book heaven.

There is so much to write about, I will come back to this in another post or two, as whilst in Barcelona I took the opportunity to go on another literary journey………

4 thoughts on “Barcelona Book Fair – Saint Jordi 2013

    1. Thanks Elaine – very kind of you to say so. It would be lovely to have a book and flower day all over the world – as a national holiday enshrined in law. Ooh if wishes could come true….

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