The land of decoration, travelling back to childhood

where i travelled back to my childhood
where i travelled back to my childhood

This is a novel of many parts – bullying at school, a religious fanatic of a father, a ten year old child who can talk to god and who makes up a fantasy world in which to take shelter.

The novel itself is  a strange one and I found myself liking it in parts but not many I’m afraid. They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and I wished I hadn’t in this case as the book cover and blurb did not match the tone or content inside at all.

It did prove useful in one way though did get me thinking though of how I used to be as a child. Happily the only similarity I had with the girl in the novel was the fact that I used to make dolls things and landscapes in my room when I was little.

So it took me back to a happy childhood in one way, a land in miniature where I converted a Sindy house into a  department store for my little ponies. On one floor was a supermarket with plasticine carrots and beefburgers wrapped in my mothers cling film to make them look real. I had the little milk cartons found in cafes as take away cartons for the ponies. And the minis from hotel bathrooms made up the beauty section.

I was inspired by television programme such as Wheel of Fortune for the games room on the ground floor. Ponies could play hook the duck, spin the wheel and pony bingo made out of cards I fashioned out of discarded xmas labels.

But best of all was the top floor at the top of the spiral staircase – this was my Narnia where the ponies lounged on cushions in cotton wool snow with ice lollies made from crushed tissue paper and real lolly sticks chopped in half

Ooh the fun and games I had and the adventures I went on with the ponies. A shame the book was not more about the magical world being a safe haven as mine was a real figment of my childhood imagination and lots of my games and experiences were adapted for my little ponies.

I travelled back in time to an imaginary world only real in  my head but what a land of decoration and dreams it was.

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