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Read regional
Read regional

Readers of this blog will know that I love to visit places that I’ve read about in  books and to read local authors when in  a new city or country in particular.

The read regional campaign in the North East of England is an issue dear to my heart since it connects readers and authors in the North East with each other. There are a series of meet and greets and other events in libraries and bookshops around the region where you can go and meet authors. Authors who are from or who have written about familiar sites and issues are of particular interest to me.

I know it sounds funny but I have discovered a lot of interesting places in Sweden by reading Scandinavian crime novels. So, via a renewed interest to find a new side to my home region of the North East, I discovered a new dark gothic side to the Newcastle’s Quayside by reading The Murder Wall by local author Mari Hannah.

The locations where you can meet the very person whose printed words have entered your mind and formed your world for  a while is a great experience and when they write about sites and sounds that you’re familiar with and maybe the odd character or two then the experience is a fully developed one.

At a time when libraries are closing down or funding being stopped then events like this are excellent at putting readers and writers in close contact with one another. Its gets people to visit the books and as well as books visiting the readers.

It’s helped me branch out too by making an effort to read regional writers in my own country and home region as there are so many books to read, so many literary places to visit but so little time in which to do it all. By visiting a library or bookshop, I feel that by visiting these events, that I am helping in a small way to keep the local literary trail alive and that the authors themselves are really putting our literary region on the literary map.

Its also a snub to the powers that be that seem to think that arts funding is not a valid way to spend money. The ability to get inside a book or write one is priceless and there is simply no price to be put on language and imagination. They can open up so many worlds and adventures that you wouldn’t have had access to any other way.

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