Books to read in the snow

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you are enjoying the snow! Here’s a little friend I met recently……

snowy literary journey

I know it’s been a while but I got that many books for Christmas I just tucked myself away and done hardly anything else but read. Well work too obviously but since I write for a living, I don’t really think about it as work.

But as for the reading……well I received crime novels, victorian mysteries, period dramas, modern day stories of a friendship with hidden secrets and my favourite historical dramas. I also treated myself to a history book on the wars of the roses – thanks Alison Weir! The only one that has held my interest from start to finish  and I can actually say now that I understand that period of history better than I ever did.

So tucked away – the snow battering on the window whilst I unfurl the pages of the latest literary journey and sip my hot chocolate – I started on my quest to read more widely and more randomly than ever before. This is not just my new year’s resolution but my literary resolution. I am going to judge a book by its cover (I’ve just bought Gone Girl Gone by Gillian Flynn for the cover alone!) an am going to read not only on recommendation but on a gut instinct. Books have always taken me on journeys and my world is going to widen.

I’ve been quiet as a result – immersed in my own little world. But I’m back on the blog with more literary journeys to describe and even more to go on. In addition to these English language novels, I got some books out of storage that I have collected from Spain, Canada and other countries on my travels. Some like old friends I had forgotten but was so glad to see again. More to revisit on this blog…..

I hope you all have had a lovely literary Christmas and that Santa has left lots of books and stories your way. I once read that a book was the ultimate gift as it was something you could open again and again. And I am so glad that is true.

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