A merry literary Christmas with Charles Dickens, England

A Christmas Carol



Why Should I read a Christmas book just because it’s Christmas? I’ve never been one to read so-called festive or Christmas novels as they tend to be chic-lit which I’ve never really ‘got’ but what I really look foward to is re- reading Dickens. Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Dickens in my opinion and so I have decided to choose one to read now.

But my problem is which one? I’m going to see the latest adaptation of Great Expectations at the cinema so that rules out that one.  But I have read it again since I first studied it at school and its amazing how different a book is the second or third time round. The images thta I d carried in my mind since then were still as vivid as I re-read the lines again, whilst also adding to them in my adult brain.

Yet, I had also forgotten parts of the book. Parts such as how tragic and sad the novel is in places and the complexity of the ‘relationship’ between Pip and Estelle. Its a lot more graphic and scary than I remember – the ghost like images and the threats made by Magwitch in the early days

I’ve loved every one of Dicken’s books – and his social commentary such as that of Oliver Twist where the failure of charity is apparent as is the city as the source of all ill in society.  Much better than the musical version for staying favourable in my mind.

David Copperfield is perhaps my favourite given the  way in which the central character  David narrates his story as an adult, he relays the impressions he had from a youthful point of view. We see how David’s perception of the world deepens as he comes of age. We see David’s initial innocence in the contrast between his interpretation of events. Much like how I read the novel the second time as an adult.

But having thought about my initial question to myself. Why should I read a Christmas book just becuase its Christmas? Bah humbug. Actually that gives me an idea in itself. Why don’t I read Scrooge and then the Christmas theme and the Dickens theme are all wrapped in one go.

Like a lovely Christmas present to myself.

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